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Should Americans Be Leaving Verizon and AT&T?

The revelations coming out about Verizon sharing private customer information with the government without warrants or any proof of probable cause are the latest evidence of an assault on basic rights in America. The previous revelations by AT&T insiders of secret monitoring rooms with lines directly to U.S. intelligence agencies were seemingly just the first indicators of an Orwellian nightmare coming to be reality in modern day America. This latest revelation is a stark reminder that the freedoms we have taken for granted such as the right to privacy are quickly being eroded.

How can we combat these assaults on our freedoms? In this case the answer is clear. We need to send a clear message to the companies that choose to betray our trust that we will not do business with companies that donít represent our interests. Why should we give our money to businesses that betray our trust? To protect us from terrorists? Which terrorist would those be? The ones who are talking about their plans for the Sunday ice cream social or the ones planning their vacations to, God forbid, the Middle East? Make no mistake, they're listening in on all of the conversations and just waiting for you to say the wrong thing so they can brand you an "enemy combatant" and relieve you of your basic freedoms before they torture a confession out of you.

The specious argument that if you have nothing to hide you should not worry about it is beyond stupidity. We decried the spying on the citizens in Soviet Russia during the Cold War as being the evidence of an ďEvil EmpireĒ that must be removed from the face of the Earth. Now, we in the name of security are allowing the tactics of the Soviet Politburo and KGB to be used against our own citizens and give the collaborators money to do it with? How gullible have we become?

In this age of conglomerates and mega-mergers, how can we get away from the companies that do this kind of business? It seems nearly impossible but there are little ways to get around spending all of your money with these enemies of freedom. It may not be possible to avoid spending any money with these companies but you can make decisions to limit your business with them. If you have a cell phone contract that will cost you hundreds of dollars to get out of, wait until it expires and then move to another cell phone provider who values freedom and privacy. If you are getting ready to sign up for an internet service provider sign up with a company who doesnít give up your private conversations to the government for no reason.

Whether the companies wrap themselves in the flag or claim they didnít have a choice, you have to question the legitimacy of their motives. If not everyone was doing it, they clearly had a choice and if they made a choice that violated the very principles upon which our nation was founded, that was not patriotism that was cowardice in the face of tyranny and collusion with evil men. We have choices and itís up to us whether we choose to do business with companies that value our rights and freedoms or do business with the enemies of the principles of freedom and justice.

Troy Wilson-Ripsom - Staff Writer | E-mail Comments on this article.

The High Cost of Illegal Aliens

The other day, LA County Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich announced that a new report shows illegal aliens and their families in Los Angeles County collected over $35 million in welfare and food stamp allocations in July.

In the report, illegals are said to have collected nearly $20 million in welfare assistance for July 2007 and an additional $15 million in monthly food stamp allocations for an estimated annual cost of $440 million.

"Illegal immigration continues to have a devastating impact on Los Angeles County taxpayers," said Antonovich. "In addition to $220 million for public safety and $400 million for healthcare, the $440 million in welfare allocations bring the total cost to County taxpayers that exceeds $1 billion a year -- this does not include the skyrocketing cost of education."

So a simple guess of the cost to American taxpayers for the illegal alien onslaught in Los Angeles County alone is easily in excess of $2,000,000,000 a year if you assume there are as few as 100,000 illegal aliens in the school system (there are probably many times more than that).

Multiply that by what the other counties, cities and states around our country are spending and you come up with a huge amount probably in excess of the budget deficits of most of those entities.

Of course, the argument is that if we don't have the illegals, who will do the work. Lately we've been hearing about all the problems farmers are going to have getting their crops picked if they don't get the illegal's to do it, because no one else will.

What they fail to mention is that no one else will do it for the artificially low wages they are able to pay to get the work done because the President has allowed so many illegal aliens to get into the country.

As an example, we are hearing constantly now that food prices will soar if farmers have to pay more for people to harvest their crops. The facts are that this is a bold faced lie.

From a UC Davis study found at I was able to find the following information.

How much would farm worker wages increase if some of these immigrant workers were not available? In 1966, one year after the end of the bracero program, the fledgling United Farm Workers union won a 40 percent wage increase for table grape harvesters. Average hourly farm-worker earnings were about $7.56 for US field and livestock workers in 2000, according to a USDA survey of farm employers, and another 40 percent increase would raise them to $10.58.

If a 40 percent farm-worker wage increase were fully passed on to consumers, and if there were no farm productivity improvements in response to higher farm wages, the 5-6 cent farm labor cost of a pound of apples or a head of lettuce would rise to 7-8 cents, and the retail price would rise from $1 to $1.02-$1.03.

A large increase in farm wages translates into a small retail cost increase because: (1) farm labor is a third of farmers' costs; and (2) farmers receive only a fraction of the retail price of food. For a typical 2.5-person consumer unit, a 40 percent increase in farm worker wages that led to a three percent increase in retail fresh fruit and vegetable costs would increase the spending of a typical consumer unit by $9 a year, raising expenditures from $301 to $310.

My question to all Americans is, therefore, fairly simple. Wouldn't you rather have people abiding by our laws and working legally even if it cost you an additional $9.00 a year (or $20.00 a year for your fruits and vegetables if all farm workers got a 100% raise in wages). At a 100% increase in wages, don't you think it would be a lot easier to find workers for the fields?

Wouldn't the small increase in our food bills be more than offset by the billions of dollars we would save in our taxes every year that we are currently spending to support the illegal alien community? I say, "YES."

The facts are simple. The President and his administration have conspired with the large business and agricultural interests in our country to artificially depress and hold-down wages. They have done this at a tremendous cost to all law-abiding, tax-paying American citizens and it needs to stop now!

The President is responsible for seeing that the laws of our nation are enforced and upheld. I promise to be that President and will never sell out the vast majority of Americans to the interests of big business and agricultural interests for illegal, cheap labor.

Frank Mcenulty - Independent Candidate for President | Give your feedback on this article. | Visit the campaing website at at

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Have You Been Downsized Due to Outsourcing?

For several years now we have listened to some within the business community tell us that America can't compete on a global scale unless they send our jobs overseas where they can be done cheaper. The question becomes, if we don't have good paying jobs here, how can we sustain our own economy? We want to hear from you. Have you lost your job? Have you been forced into a lower wage job due to outsourcing? Has outsourcing been a success for you? Did you end up in a better job?

Tell us your story so we can make sure the politicians see how outsourcing really impacts the workers who are backbone of America. Send your story to


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