School supply drive:


Tilden School in East Oakland is a school that specializes in working with special needs students. The teachers at Tilden work year-round to give the students with the biggest challenges the best chance for success in life.


Every year there are budgetary constraints with the Oakland School District that force the teachers to use their own limited salaries to fill the gaps in providing the necessary supplies for their students.


In an effort to help these tireless providers of knowledge and opportunity to give their students the best possible education, we have set up an ongoing school supplies drive. Many of the supplies needed are some of the most basic items used every day but often not thought of by people when planning their annual donations. Other items are more specific to the therapies the children receive in the classroom. Things such as games that can help the social development of children who are developmentally challenged are of great use to the teachers working with the kids on a daily basis.


Supplies needed include:


Rolls of Paper Towels

Disinfectant Wipes (Clorox, Lysol, etc.)

Baby Wipes/Wet Wipes

Hand Sanitizer (Clean-Well Non-Toxic is preferred but any brand is fine)

Boxes of Soft Facial Tissue

Encouragement Stickers

Dust-free Chalk
Board Games (Candyland, Chutes and Ladders, etc.)
Interactive Games (Elefun, Lucky Ducks, etc.)
Art Supplies (Washable Paints, Washable Markers, Construction Paper, etc.)
Painting Smocks
CD and Cassette Players
Noodles and Other Non-Perishable Food Items (These are used for art and cooking activities.)
Hats (Cowboy, Firefighter, Policeman, Chef, etc.)
Musical Instruments (Harmonicas, Drums, Recorders, Horns, Guitars, etc.)
Earthquake Supplies (Small Bottles of Water, Granola Bars(No Nuts Please), Band-Aids, etc.)


While they can always use pencils and paper, the items listed above are the things that most commonly are paid for by the teachers out of their own pockets. Anything you can do to help will be most appreciated.

You can mail donation items to:

Reform America Outreach:
Tilden School Drive
425 Orange St. #402
Oakland, CA 94610

Any cash or gift card donations received will be used to buy the needed items noted above for the classrooms. Donations of manufacturers coupons for the needed items are also welcomed.

Any checks or money orders should be made payable to:

The Tilden School PTA

Donations are needed throughout the year so please consider donating to the school whenever planning your charitable contributions.

The PTA is also working to raise funds and find volunteers to repair areas of the school in need of attention including bathrooms, the cafeteria and kitchen which are in need of renovation. Any building supplies, hardware donations or volunteers to aid in the Saturday morning school improvement efforts are most appreciated.

For additional information on how you can help you can e-mail us at:

Thank you to those who have given already!
Special Thanks to CSAA Insurance Underwriting for encouraging their employees to support this drive!

Francisco Ramirez San Francisco, CA
Michele Williams-Smith Union City, CA
Reny Oei Union City, CA
Patrick Ross San Francisco, CA
The Wilson-Ripsom Family Oakland, CA
Karen and Roy Ripsom Pittsburg, CA
Mimi Said South San Francisco, CA
Elena Green Modesto, CA
Krista Knowles Manteca, CA
Lorraine Ferry Modesto, CA
Patricia Peak San Francisco, CA
Christopher Mash Suisun, CA

Thanks to your generosity, all twenty-four classrooms at Tilden began the school year on August 27th with some cleaning supplies!

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