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Politics & Power

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What Will It Take For Democrats To Retain Control Of Congress In November?

With healthcare reform now the law of the land, Democrats are faced with a challenge in finding a way to keep from suffering big losses in the midterm election in November. People such as Sarah Palin have used the healthcare reform debate to stir up the underlying distrust of government felt by many Americans. Through the use of inflammatory language and deceptive rhetoric people like Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh have preyed on the worst fears of the uninformed to boost their own fortunes. In the face of such fear mongering and deception of the easily misled, what if anything can Democrats do to keep from losing control of Congress?

The answer may come in the form of success breeding success. For the last year Democrats have pushed the idea that bipartisanship was the answer. In recent days when they decided that bipartisanship was not going to be possible they managed to pass healthcare reform and the amendments to it that the different factions within their party could live with. Could it be that bipartisanship will do the Democrats more harm than good? Since the passage of healthcare reform poll numbers for Democrats have improved. While they are still behind the Republicans in the polls the most recent numbers show the success of healthcare reform as a positive for the Democrats. If the response to the passage of healthcare reform is any indicator, the key to success for Democrats in November may be getting a lot of legislation passed between now and November regardless of bipartisan support.

So if the key to success in November for Democrats lies in passing legislation with or without Republican cooperation, what should their focus be? For most Americans the biggest issues affecting them directly are jobs and the economy. Is there anything Congress and the White House can do to get jobs and the economy moving noticeably before November? One thing they can do is to pass a jobs bill that will get people working again including public works projects to address the nationís failing infrastructure. People can see the roads and bridges in our nation are in a horrible state of disrepair. Starting efforts to fix the infrastructure and putting Americans to work is going to be seen as a positive by most voters. Nobody is happy when their car hits a pothole in the road. Seeing newly employed and re-employed Americans fixing those potholes is a concrete way that shows the government is doing something to address the problems facing our people. If the Republicans fight the bills to fix our roads and the Democrats pass them the situation begins to look like the Republicans are simply obstructionists and the Democrats are getting things done for the American people.

When people are happy and comfortable in their existence they are not easily swayed by fear and hatred. The current strategy of the opponents of the Democratic Party is to prey on hatred and fear. If more Americans are happy and secure in their lives it is harder to mobilize them based on hate and fear. Getting people back to work and finding ways for them to keep their homes on a large scale would seem to be the key for Democratic success in November.

The Republican ďParty of NoĒ faces a treacherous battle ahead. If they keep saying no and the Democrats fail they will sweep back into power by retaking control of the House and Senate in Washington. If, however, the Democrats are successful in bringing jobs back and getting some handle on the banks to keep Americans in their homes despite the opposition from the other side of the aisle the Republicans will have a hard time winning seats.

The deficit is of concern to many but if jobs come back so will tax revenues which will in turn reduce the deficit in the long term. Itís hard to make the argument that one party is bad for the country when they are the ones getting people back to work and keeping them from losing their homes. The key to success for the Democrats seems to be pushing ahead and getting things done.

The Republicans have said openly that they will not cooperate this year on anything in the Democratic agenda. If that is the case the Democrats may need to use their overwhelming majority to work on the nationís problems regardless of Republican opinions. If the end result is employed Americans and un-foreclosed upon homes the Democrats will likely retain their majorities in both the House and Senate in November. Democratic legislative success will translate to Republican electoral failure as the GOP has pinned all their hopes for success on spreading fear about the direction in which our country is headed. Itís kind of hard to tell people the sky is falling when things are actually noticeably improving. Creating a positive reality is the best defense against people promoting fear of the unknown. If the Democrats can do that the Republicans may not be smiling too much come November.

Troy Wilson-Ripsom | Staff Writer | Give your feedback on this article. | Click icon to Digg this article

We Need Your Help

Reform America is putting together a new resource for our visitors and we need your help. We need you to tell us about the local banks and businesses in your area that you have done business with. We need to know the good and the bad about the local businesses in your community.

In an effort to truly stabilize our national economy we need to stabilize our local economies. To stabilize our local economies we need to support the businesses that keep our neighbors and customers working. Part of doing that is re-distributing the money in our communities from the wealthy corporations who outsource labor while laying off American workers to the local businesses that hire our friends and neighbors.

Itís also time to expect more from the banks that we let use our money. Some corporate banker in New York doesnít care one whit about Joe Smith in Peoria because he has a million other Joe Smiths to fill his pocket if this one leaves but the banker in Peoria who only serves Peoria cares about Joe and will do more to serve Joeís needs. We need to start working together to support the businesses in our back yard that actually care about us and our needs.

To help people find the businesses in their areas that deserve our support we are developing a new web page with information provided by you the people in the communities. By not only listing the local businesses but also giving local feedback about them we can help make the decision to make a real change for the good of your community easier. If youíre like a lot of us, youíve been doing business with the corporations for a long time and itís a hard habit to break but if we all make an effort to stimulate the economy of our own communities we will see the jobs come back and things improve fare sooner than if we wait for the politicians and CEOs to help us.

The government is not going to save us this time and the fat cats on Wall Street just donít care. We will have to save ourselves if we are to turn things around. You can help us save ourselves. Please tell us about the banks and businesses in your community. We will add the information you give to that of others and build a comprehensive national resource for people wanting to fix our nation from the ground up.

By May of 2010 we hope to have enough information compiled to launch a page devoted to supporting small local businesses across the nation. Over time we will continue to expand the information to include more businesses in more communities until we have a comprehensive listing of all the good small businesses that locals recommend in every town, city, county and state in America. We know that this is an ambitious goal but we also know that you, the American people, can help make it a reality. To send us information about the small businesses in your area you can e-mail us at We will send you a confirmation e-mail and add the information you give us to the national database.

From now until the time of the new page launch in May the names of all contributors who wish to be will be included in the "Thank You America" page border for the new page. Your friends and family will be able to see your name and know you cared enough to try to make a difference for your community.

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Get Involved

Do you sit and yell at the TV when politicians come on? Do you shake your head sadly whenever you see a homeless veteran? Is that all you tend to do?

It's time to put up or shut up America. We all love to talk about how we could do things better or how we would do it if we were in charge. Well, it's time to put your money where your mouth is. If you can think of it, you can write it down. If you can write it down, you can type it. If you can type it, you can e-mail it and if you can e-mail it, you can send it here.

We at Reform America are committed to giving voice to anyone who wants to put their ideas out there to make our nation a better place. As the readership grows, we are able to take those views to a wider and wider audience. Grassroots campaigns begin with voices speaking out. You have opinions. Voice them. We aren't about conservative or liberal. We aren't about pro-this or anti-that. We're about Americans and the First Amendment. Reform America is about politics by, for and of the people. You are the people. You only need to speak up. America is listening. Send your article to:

Have You Been Downsized Due to Outsourcing?

For several years now we have listened to some within the business community tell us that America can't compete on a global scale unless they send our jobs overseas where they can be done cheaper. The question becomes, if we don't have good paying jobs here, how can we sustain our own economy? We want to hear from you. Have you lost your job? Have you been forced into a lower wage job due to outsourcing? Has outsourcing been a success for you? Did you end up in a better job?

Tell us your story so we can make sure the politicians see how outsourcing really impacts the workers who are backbone of America. Send your story to

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