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Politics & Power

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Reforming America: Redistribution of Wealth

This is perhaps the biggest challenge facing the American people today. The vast majority of the resources in our nation are controlled by a minute fraction of the population. While the workload is shouldered by the vast majority of the people the benefits of that work are really only experienced by a small number of people. Most Americans work to survive and little more while the "elite" few live in the lap of luxury while producing little of value to the nation.

The insidious nature of the problem cannot be overstated. The problem is such that the workers have been convinced by the "elite" that they should be happy to even have money to survive because they are not deserving of the wealthy lifestyle. In many cases the "elite" have done virtually nothing to earn their wealth. People born into money that have never done anything to better the society other than to magnanimously give relative pocket change to causes they decide to support are no more deserving of their lifestyle than anyone else. It is a myth that power and wealth are only granted to the truly deserving. Being born is not doing anything of note. Paris Hilton should not be a billionaire. She has done nothing of note in her entire life. Her family built a hotel empire, she didnít. Instead of giving the empire to the undeserving child it should go to the workers that helped to build it. Let the child build something of note on her own.

At the end of the day, people should be measured by their own efforts, not the efforts of their ancestors. All should stand or fall on their own merits. Executives that make decisions that cost their companies millions of dollars also should not be given millions of dollars in compensation. Golden parachutes are an obscenity. They are a slap in the face of every hard working American that kills his/her self and do a great job every day while earning barely enough to support a family. Incompetence should not be rewarded but because the people at the top make the rules, they can keep stealing money from the workers without fear of consequence. That needs to change.

These so-called "elite" Americans are a cancer on our society and they need to be removed from power. The people that produce are marginalized so that those who have a stranglehold on power can live in opulence. It has to change and only a massive redistribution of wealth will allow it to happen. Wealth is power and as long as the wealth is controlled by people with no care or concern for the majority of the people the majority will suffer for the excesses of the few. When the laws are written by the "elite" they will favor the "elite" remaining powerful regardless of their actions. The wealthy donít want more people draining resources from their coffers so they set up the rules to limit the number of people who can have any real chance at financial independence. That's neither fair nor good for the future strength of our nation.

The logical conclusion is that if the problem cannot be solved through traditional political means it must require more unconventional methods to bring equity. The playing field is so skewed at this point that rags to riches is not a realistic possibility no matter how hard one might work. If we want to level the playing field we might well have to force the issue by using our numbers to overcome their resource advantage. We have to work to our strengths if we are to have any hope of bringing true equality to America. If we all work together we can force change. We can bring this nation to a grinding halt and force a discussion of equity with the people in power. We deserve to see more benefit for our efforts and the "elite" need to relinquish their control over some of the resources the people need to survive.

Every worker deserves to have the basic necessities of life and they should have them no matter what job they hold. Janitors and door greeters are no less deserving of having a single job pay their living expenses than any CEO or movie actor. Everyone that works hard is providing something of value and they deserve to have their work rewarded with the ability to enjoy their life. Nobody should ever have to work three jobs to support a wife and one child. Nobody has to work three jobs to support their family if resource equity is achieved.

Resource equity requires a total breakdown of the status quo and a massive redistribution of wealth. This will not happen organically. It is a change that must come by force. The powerful will not relinquish power willingly. Whether the power is wrested from them in military conflict or by forced compliance in the face of a united and defiant workforce it will have to be ripped from the hands of the powerful. We the people will have to be united and resolute, which means we have to learn to ignore their manipulations and manufactured issues intended to divide us. We have to disregard the analysis of the news in the press and come to our own conclusions based on facts. We need to ignore less important social issues overall until we resolve the economic crisis facing the majority of our people. Issues related to religious beliefs and moral convictions have a time and place in the social dialogue but that time is not now. Now those discussions are distractions keeping us from solving the very real survival issues related to the current economic climate in our nation.

In the end our future is in our hands. If we can come together and put aside the petty differences between us we can overcome the massive resource advantage that the wealthy have. We have to speak in one voice and act with one purpose. Our children and their children deserve to grow up with the knowledge that if you work hard and give your all you WILL have a decent life. It should not be an uncertainty. It should be a guarantee. Capitalism is not perfect. There are some things that pure profit-mindedness fails to address. For the wealthy to be wealthy they have to take advantage of someone. That is a basic flaw in the capitalist system. It is inherently unfair.

To balance that unfairness out from time to time the people have to rebel and reset the system to some extent. We have to redistribute the power and wealth so that growth and progress for a new generation is possible. If one segment holds the power too long a society stagnates and begins to wither and die. Revolution and change on a large scale every hundred years or so keeps a society stronger over time. Itís been nearly 150 years since America had a major redistribution of power and systemic overhaul. Perhaps the time has come for us to shake things up a bit and revitalize our nation for the next hundred years.

Troy Wilson-Ripsom | Staff Writer | E-mail Comments on this column. | Click icon to Digg this article

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