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Will the U.S. be The Catalyst for Middle East Unity with Iranian Leadership?

At a conference for Middle Eastern leaders in Qatar this week Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad proposed a new order of Middle East relations that would leave the U.S. as an absolute outsider and have Iran sharing their nuclear energy scientific knowledge with the other nations of the region. This latest move by Ahmadinejad might be the beginning of the end of U.S. influence in the region.

In the past nations aligned against Iran including Iraq and Afghanistan have been formidable obstacles to the formation of a strong Middle Eastern coalition led by Iran. With the break down of Iraq and Afghanistan governmental and military structures due to the wars launched by the U.S. Iran now stands with few strong enemies in the region. Now that Iranian leaders are also speaking the language of peace and reconciliation it may be but a matter of time before Iran emerges as the preeminent power in the region.

The once strongly anti-Iran government of Iraq has been replaced with a government more ideologically aligned with Iran than with the U.S. While the U.S. was responsible for the removal of Saddam Hussein U.S. forces are also seen as unwanted in the country and the longer they stay in place the more Iranís offers of an alternative to a U.S. led region will appeal to the leaders of Iraq. The Karzai government in Afghanistan while not aligned with Iran does not pose a significant threat to Iranís leadership due to their ongoing issues with a resurgent Taliban presence that is occupying U.S. and Afghan military forces. With the two major bordering threats to Iranian leadership otherwise occupied Iran finds itself with the opportunity to mend fences and take hold of the leadership of the region based on their military superiority and ability to share technologies with nations that would not have access to them otherwise.

On the heels of this proposal from Iran came a report from U.S. intelligence agencies indicating that Iran has not pursued nuclear weapons technology since 2003. This latest revelation deflates the assertions of the Bush administration that Iran is an imminent threat due to their seeking nuclear weapons technology. The President tried to put a positive spin on the revelations during a morning press conference on Tuesday saying that the report did not change his views that Iran posed a real threat to American security, Only time will tell how this effort to spin the report to support their position on the part of the White House will impact public opinion about Iran. With the administration quickly losing credibility with the American public it is not likely that the Presidentís efforts will make much of a difference in public opinion. Many see the President as being increasingly irrelevant and serving out his term as a ďlame-duckĒ president.

Iranís efforts to mend fences and build a coalition of Middle Eastern nations may pose a threat to U.S. business interests but selling the threat to business as a threat to the people of America will likely prove difficult with an already war-weary nation. Even selling military action against Iran as support for Israel may prove difficult as public opinion is divided on the merits of supporting Israel. When there are frequent stories in the press about what could be seen as oppressive actions towards the Palestinian people in the region it becomes difficult for the administration to condemn other oppressive regimes while supporting Israel. Since Israel also has nuclear weapons some in the international community see the condemning of countries like Iran for seeking the same weapons as being hypocritical.

The long term impact of Ahmadinejadís proposal will not be known for some time to come. There has been no indication that other nations share his vision for the future so it remains to be seen if anyone will even want to join with Iran in forming a new coalition of nations in the region. One thing is certain. Iran has made it clear that they are ready to go toe to toe with the U.S. on the diplomatic front for dominance over the future of the region. If successful in their efforts, Iran may very well rival the U.S. in its global influence within a decade. Strong ties to China and Russia as well as many South American nations make Iran a formidable force in global politics.

When taking into account the extreme unpopularity of the current U.S. leaders with the people of nations around the world due to their war efforts in the Middle East, the weakening U.S. dollar and growing popularity of Ahmedinejad on the global stage the U.S. may be in a losing battle for the hearts and minds of people on a global scale. Virtually all of the good will towards the U.S. that came immediately following September 11, 2001 is gone and has been replaced with growing distrust of U.S. motives. The apparent efforts of Iran to reestablish international relations while the U.S. steadfastly ignores calls by people around the world to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan point to a strong possibility of a new diplomatic world order emerging with the U.S. not being wanted at the party.

Troy Wilson-Ripsom - Staff Writer | Give your feedback on this article.

Cool Can't Make Up for Stupid

Well folks it looks like Americans have finally gone around the bend. The polls show Mike Huckabee is gaining ground in the Republican primary races and everywhere you look there is a shot of him jamming with the band on his bass. The stories of his pardon for Keith Richards on a traffic ticket are the talk of the newscasts. What a cool guy! Heís from the same town in Arkansas as Bill Clinton! He was governor of Arkansas like Bill too! How can you go wrong with another President from Hope?

Well if all it took to be a good president was being cool and having a similar history as a former president I guess heíd be perfect but maybe you might want to stop and take a look at what olí Mikeís all about. This is the same Mike Huckabee that believes the Earth was in fact created in six solar days and that evolution is fuzzy science. Forget the fact that there is a fossil record and mountains of evidence that supports the Earth forming over millions of years Mike doesnít buy all that science mumbo jumbo. Itís all just designed to test our faith. The Bible was written by God you know. He knows more than any pesky scientist and thereís no way anything in his book could be off or wrong.

I can appreciate faith as much as the next guy but come on folks! This guy seriously thinks Darwin was a crackpot and that a few centuries of science including geology, anthropology and archaeology are just a bunch of hooey. He thinks that anything that contradicts the Bible is not worth paying attention to. Can we afford to have someone so closed-minded and ignorant in the White House? Havenít the last seven years shown people what happens when an idiot takes the reigns?

We are at war over a mistake at best and an outright lie at worst. Our idiot in chief is saber-rattling at Iran now like heís ready to go to war again despite the fact we are neck deep in crap in Iraq and donít have the manpower to fight a little puny country let alone a major military force like Iran. Short of going nuclear, we are not in a position to take on Iran. So now, with one idiot getting ready to take his leave we have another waiting in the wings to pick up the reigns and drive the holy war on into certain defeat or global catastrophe.

Wake up America! We might get out of this administration with just a few scrapes and bruises but if we stick another moron in there in 2008 we might just break our country more than can be fixed. I can appreciate faith and know that it has its place in daily life but we canít just put a man in the White House because he has strong convictions. There is a reason the President has a science council. Leaders need to respect thought and learning. We canít have a president that disregards learning because it doesnít fit with his world view. The stories in the Bible cannot be proven by independent means. Science is based on independent verification of facts. If Huckabee canít handle the reality of science then how can he possibly handle the reality of leading the nation? Cool is cool and cool is fun but cool is not all it takes to lead our nation. A little dose of reality is a pretty important ingredient in the recipe for a real leader. Sorry Mike, youíre cool but youíre also a fool and we donít need a cool fool running the country.

The Realist - Patriot At Large | Give your feedback on this article.

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