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Ozzy Rails Against the Madness

Ozzy Osbourne has made many songs over the years talking about the ills of society from things like "Demon Alcohol" to "Thank God for the Bomb" he has never shied away from talking about issues. With his latest album "Black Rain" Ozzy continues to raise awareness in his own unique way.

From the very first line of the song "The Almighty Dollar" he makes it clear who he feels is responsible for the environmental problems facing the world today. The answer as he sings it and many see it is the culture of greed and expedience over wisdom that is big business and blind consumerism in America.

That culture has infected every aspect of American life and shows no signs of slowing down or stopping in the foreseeable future. Our consumption based society is making our planet uninhabitable and stealing the future from our children. From the methane coming out of the bowels of cattle raised to provide us with our quick lunches to the toxic sludge being dumped into the earth and oceans so we can have gasoline to run our mass-polluting SUV's we are driving the inexorable journey towards our own extinction.

We need to act individually and collectively to stop this madness before it is too late. The drive to have more, bigger, better, faster is not healthy for us or the planet. While we shouldn't need people to tell us these things, you've got to give kudos to people like Ozzy who are brave enough to speak the truth we don't always want to hear.

Each Person Can Make a Difference


Reform America was founded on the idea that We The People can control our own destiny in America if we just take the initiative to do it. The planet we live on is in jeopardy of becoming unable to sustain human life if something is not done about things like pollution and inefficient use of natural resources.

As consumers, we have choices we can make in our daily lives to turn things around. We at Reform America are proud to offer the resources on this page to our fellow Americans and people around the world to help you to do your part to keep our planet inhabitable.

By clicking on the various links on this page you will find information on how to do things like decrease your carbon footprint on a daily basis and recycle more effectively. Iin the weeks and months to come we wil post articles about which companies are doing their part to become environmentally friendly and which are not so that you can make more informed buying decisions. We will search out and list organizations for corporations to work with in order to find ways to be environmentally responsible and profitable at the same time because we believe that anyone can change for the better if given a chance.

We invite you to join with us in this most important cause for all of humanity. If each of us does a little we can in fact change the world. We may not have chosen to be the ones to have to save the world but time has deemed it ot be our destiny to do so or be responsible for the end of the human race.

Join us in choosing life over death for all mankind.

Join us in taking on the most important mission in the history of mankind.

Join us to say in one voice so loud it cannot be ignored; "The time has come for change and we will not allow our planet to be destroyed."


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